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Hello! 🙂

I’m Lavinia, a person with normal hearing, and I come from a family where both of my parents are deaf people. Although perhaps an inconvenience, this situation has led me to deepen the the Romanian sign language to communicate with them through signs.

In my childhood, I was the target of the ironies and the wickedness of those around me just because I was speaking differently than they did: “we were the voiceless people”. 🙁

It hurt me very badly. It hurt me that we were perceived as abnormal people, since I was a normal hearing person. So, I grew up with a desire to change something and to do more for my parents and for other people with hearing impairment. I have started since childhood through involving and organizing various activities of the Deaf Territorial Association of Pitesti city (various performances, sports activities, dance shows, trips and many others).

Being in direct contact with their world, with those who live in silence, I decided that I should do more. Since 2014, I have begun to work in the media industry, in television, along with the emergence of CNA law, which requires that all local, regional and national televisions stations to ensure a minimum of 30 minutes daily of sign language translation for people with hearing impairment. I believe that much more is required and that a larger spectrum of broadcasts than only news should be covered, such as culture, entertainment, music, art…

I have always been asked questions like: “Why are you doing this?”, “Do you think you will change something in Romania or globally?” “You will not succeed …”

I answered: Definitely, yes! I’m doing these things out of passion and from my belief that they are deserving much more than what is being offered to them right now. I have tried to imagine how it would really be to live one single day in their world, in a world with no sounds, I, who am addicted to music – this form of art that is the best therapy for our minds and souls and believe me, it is very hard, but still they have accepted this life as is and still they have the power to smile. 🙂

In the near future, I want to change many things for them: I want to open some doors that until now have remained closed and I want to believe that I will succeed. I have several projects in progress in Romania but also at internationally level and I believe with all my strength in them, being at the same time available to any new project and challenge in this area. We, people with normal hearing, have access to information 24 hours a day, why would not deaf people also have? After all, we are all equal and we must enjoy the same rights.


Lavinia Maria Chitu – born on July 7, 1991 in Pitesti


– 2008-2011 graduate of the high school “Maria Teiuleanu”, economic school, “Tourism and Public Nutrition” profile, Pitesti

– 2011-2014 graduate of the college of Economics at the University of Pitesti, section “Economics of Commerce, Tourism and Services”

– 2017-2019 master student at college of Theology, Art, History and Letters of the University of Pitesti, Sign Language Language department, American Sign Language (ASL) specialization

– 2016 certified Romanian sign language interpreter license

– 2019 certified Turkish sign language interpreter license


Work experience and qualifications:

– 2009 meritorious certificate for the paper presented in the section: Healthy Nutrition within the National Symposium “The 3rd Millennium School” 1st edition, hosted by “Maria Teiuleanu” Economic College – Pitesti city

– 2009 participation certificate in the competition of professional qualification in Tourism and Nutrition, the national stage, awarded by Braila County School Inspectorate

– 2009 first prize for professional qualification: waitress & salesman in nutrition units at the competition for professional qualifications, county stage, organized by Arges County School Inspectorate

– 2011 certificate of professional qualification: Technician in Gastronomy, awarded by the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport

– 2011-2018 volunteer at the Romanian Deaf National Association, Pitesti Branch for organizing cultural, sporting and other events

– 2013 second place at the Modern Dance section of the “Art in the World of Silence” area contest organized by the Olt County Association for Sport and Youth

– 2015 “Beauty and Business” class graduation certificate awarded by AVON Company

– 2015 participation certificate at the International Fashion Festival “Muntenia Fashion Days” 1st edition – Pitesti city

– 2015 participation certificate in the project: “The Sound of Silence” held in Hasselt, Belgium

– 2015 fashion model at the Duchesse Agency – Pitesti

– 2015 -2016 sign language tv presenter of the news broadcast and other broadcasts at Arges TV and Clar TV stations

– 2014-2018 sign language tv presenter of the news broadcast and other broadcasts at Absolut TV station

– 2016 customer support at ZARA and Mango stores

– 2016 meritorious certificate awarded by Arges County School Association of Sports and Youth, for the support of the International Day of People with Disabilities event

– 2016 popularity prize award at the International Festival of Fashion “Autumn Colors” XXII-th edition – Pitesti for “Velvet Fantasy” collection

– 2017 employed at Royal Motors Ltd. in the Customer Relations Department

– 2017-2018 employed at ANSR (Romanian National Deaf Association) – Buzau city branch

– 2017 releasing of my official website (blog) and my official youtube channel where I’m regularly posting music clips translated in sign language, educational videos and various information and news

– 2017 participation certificate at the National Pantomime and Mimic Theater Festival “Gestures and Images” organized by A.N.S.R. (Romanian National Deaf Association) – Pitesti branch

– 2017 certificate of excellence awarded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Department for Emergency Situations, on the occasion of the “Romania’s Firefighters Day” as a token of appreciation and thanks for my collaboration and support given in the training for emergency situations

– 2017 translating and interpretation in the sign language, live on the stage, of the theatre play “Pocket with Bread”, for the first time Romania

– 2017 making of a video translated in the sign language of the 113 communication system – a unique number for messages related to emergency calls for people with hearing and / or speech disabilities. This project was made in collaboration with Romanian Police

– 2017 making of the video clips translated in the sign language for the exhibits of the “Experimental House” in Bucharest, within the “Science for All” project, co-funded by the Orange Foundation

– 2017 training of the personnel employed at “Puica Nicolae” Emergency Situations Inspectorate in Arges County in a demonstration exercise caused by a road accident involving people with hearing and speech deficiencies

– 2017 award for best female performance at the Youth Cinefest Festival – 2017 with the “Tulip Symphony in sign language” video. Many thanks to the jury for the appreciation of this idea and all those who supported it

– 2017 making of a video about one of the most appreciated chefs in Bucharest, and also one of the jury member of the MasterChef show from ProTv station, namely Samuel le Torriellec. We cooked a dish of the French cuisine, and all this culinary adventure, as well as the interview were translated into sign language

– 2017 sign language translation of the activities and communication sessions hosted by the Youth Summit, in Bacau city, event organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sport

– 2017 making of an interview with a well-known cosmetician and make-up artist, Aliona Tintu, who work toghether with the most famous television stations and artists from Romania. On this occasion, I also produced a series of video materials translated into sign language which are presented and explained in a professional way by my speaker, such as techniques of makeup, cleansing and maintenance

– 2018 partnerships with Global Records and Roton record labels following which were released a series of videoclips translated into the sign language of well-known artists from Romania

– 2018 I was invited in entertainment and informative tv shows on ProTV, Antena1, Speranţa TV and some regional tv stations from Romania

– 2018 along with the well-known psychotherapist and psycho-pedagogue, Monica Berceanu I released the project “You are not alone in the world”, this was the first project in Romania regarding information in the field of autism diagnostics, and the material was intended for people with hearing disabilities as well, because they do not have access to all the information presently present on the market

– 2018 the interpretation in the sign language, for the first time in the Romanian folklore, of the video “Fecioras, fecior la tata” belonging to the traditional music artist Alin Lutu. But this time things were a bit different in the sense that the translation of the song was done right next to the artist himself in the video and not in a small window of the clip as was the case with the other translated songs.

– 2018 interpreting and translating of well-known songs from Romania and from abroad in sign language, interpreting and translating famous musicals as well as interpreting and describing some tourist attractions of interest in Romania and even abroad. All of this video materials are posted on my YouTube channel, on my official facebook page and on my blog website

– 2018-2019 Forever Living’s partner regarding sign language translation of organized events and presentations

– 2018 production team member of the featured movie “Bride of the Dead Man”, my part was to teach one of the movie’s actor to interpret her characters’ lines in the sign language, being a female character with hearing deficiencies

– 2018 interviews given to web portals Romania’s Elite and “Super-Heroes Among Us” in which I presented my life story and my work and projects, thus bringing to the attention of the public opinion the problems faced by people with hearing deficiencies in our romanian society but also the ways of action to solve them

– 2018 partnership with Infocons institute regarding the translation in the sign language of the song “Romania, I Love You” performed by Stefan Stan and Dumitru Farcas as a part of the project “A new attitude for culture! 100 Romania! “, funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Identities for events and anniversary projects of the Centenary of Romania (1918 – 2018)

– 2018 speaker at the TEDx Brasov event – “Download the Future”, my speech was entitled “Music Beyond Sound”. Following my performance, I had the honor of being chosen by the curatorial team to represent and promote this event in the future and to become an Ambassador of TEDx Brasov

– 2019 certificate of completion of online course Acumen: Chris Anderson on Public Speaking

– 2019 articles published on and websites, related to my life story and my professional activity especially in the field of creating and interpreting music in sign language for deaf people

– 2019 invited to the “Eroul zilei” (Hero of the Day) show broadcasted on Antena 3 TV channel where I talked about my musical activity related to the translation and interpretation of songs in sign language

– 2019 certificate of attendance of a 5-day learning, teaching and training activity within Erasmus+ project “Breaking the Silence” held on january 21-25 2019 at Special Secondary School no. 1 foar deaf in Bucharest, Romania

– 2019 sign language translation of RO-ALERT video spots, a warning and alarm system for major emergencies in a campaign of the Romanian Emergency Situations Department

– 2019 partnership with the Youtube channel team “The Dose of General Culture” (“Doza de Cultura Generala”), which involves a weekly posting of an educational video on general culture theme, translated into sign language for deaf people from Romania

– 2019 Erasmus scholarship program at Firat University in Elazig city, Turkey from February to May

– 2019 attending the turkish sign language course and obtaining the graduation certificate at the Firat University in Elazig, the Turkish Sign Language department from February to May

– 2019 making of video materials related to communication in sign language and involvement in educational and cultural activities at the Deaf Special School of Özel Eğitim Meslek Lisesi in Elazig within my practice and experience exchange program as part of the Erasmus scholarship from February to May

– 2019 directing and acting of “Sandwich” and “Reality of Life” theater plays along with actress Alexandra Voicescu and with deaf students from the Deaf Special School of Özel Eğitim Meslek Lisesi in Elazig as part of the Erasmus scholarship from February to May

– 2019 directing and acting of “Foreigners in Elazig” theater play alongside actress Alexandra Voicescu at Nurettin ARDIÇOĞLU Cultural Center in Elazig as part of the Erasmus scholarship from February to May

– 2019 interpreting in Turkish sign language for the first time in Turkey of the song “Oy Gelin” following of a partnership with the Turkish artist Emrah Güllü, former competitor from Turkey’s Voice show

– 2019 certificate of attendance of a 5-day learning, teaching and training activity within Erasmus+ project “Breaking the Silence” held on may 6-10 2019 at Special Training and Education Centre no. 4 for deaf in Łódź, Poland

– 2019 speaker at the “Elite Nights” event held in the Romanian-American University Hall in Bucharest and organized by the web portal Romania’s Elite, my speech being entitled “Music in the world of silence”

– 2019 invited to the ” Special Weekend” show broadcasted on the Music Channel TV channel and moderated by Mircea Zara in which I promoted the Help Me Be a Rock Star event, a rock concert that is also intended for people with hearing deficiencies, a premiere for Romania, the songs of the bands being interpreted by me in sign language for deaf audience

– 2019 live interpreting on the stage into sign language, for the first time in Romania, of the songs of The Mono Jacks, Urma and Florin Mandru bands at the Help Me Be a Rock Star concert, an accessible, adapted and dedicated event to people with disabilities and people with hearing impairment

– 2019 Erasmus scholarship program at Firat University in Elazig city, Turkey from July to October, where I will continue my education, professional activity and experience exchange as well as projects started here in the spring of this year

– 2019 live interpreting and translating on the stage into sign language, of the Subcarpati and The National bands songs at the Summer Well music festival, an accessible event to people with hearing impairment

– 2019 live interpreting and translating on the stage into sign language, of the Les Elephants Bizarres, Subcarpati, Jurjak and Suie Paparude bands songs at the Afterhills music festival, an accessible event to people with hearing impairment

– 2019 live interpreting on the stage into sign language, of the songs of Lasagna & Rochenrol, Dl Goe, Aida si Noi, El Negro and Ionut Oniceag (a talented young man but with autism) bands at the Nu Stau Acasa (I’m not staying home) concert, the second musical event hosted by Expirat Club, an accessible, adapted and dedicated event to people with disabilities and people with hearing impairment

– 2019 live interpreting on the stage into sign language, of the songs of Inna, Carla’s Dreams, Irina Rimes, The Motans, Raluka, Minelli and Shift music artists at The Artist Awards music event in Craiova city, a live music concert accessible and adapted to people with hearing impairment

– 2019 live interpreting on the stage into sign language, of the songs of Byron band during the live concert of the “Nine” new album releasing, a musical event hosted at Arenele Romane in Bucharest and adapted to people with hearing impairment


You can also watch this video, where I included some of my projects accomplished between 2017-2018


I am a creative and ambitious person, with the desire to engage in new areas of interest, struggling to change mentalities and to bring sound into a world of silence, to unite people and break down the barriers of thought and communication.


I’m inviting all of you to follow my extensive work on my website and on my social network accounts. 🙂



If you want to support my activity, you can make donations to my bank accounts, to my PayPal account or you can become a subscriber to my Patreon channel
BCR: RO74RNCB0025114211550001
ING: RO65INGB0000999902196985



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